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Learning english student http://www.bridesmaidgownsau.com/ blog The good news is that ten to one my computer will be back from the repair's, where it has been since sunday, today in the evening. The notsogood news is that i am now sitting in an internet cafe crowded with mad teenagers playing computer games.By the way, what do you think of computer games?Personally, i consider all sorts of computer games to be a huge waste of time.Once people get hooked on them, most of their spare time will be spent on sitting in front of their computer with their eyes glued to the computer screen while typing away or moving the mouse around the mouse mat. There used to be many little children playing in the yard in winter:They were building snow caves, having snowball fights etc.Now they are all gone;I suspect they got stuck in their flats busy playing computer games.When my younger brother was undergoing the period of obsession with computer games, it was impossible to make him stop for a few minutes to have lunch. Maybe i misunderstand something?Maybe there is more to computer games that i fail to notice?What do you think? How was your weekend?Mine was very productive.On saturday i went to see my grandparents.On sunday my dad and i picked my wedding dress up from the shop and now it is hanging in my wardrobe: )Then i did a little shopping for jewellery, a pair of white shoes and other accessories that a bride is supposed to wear. I am going to follow the old tradition of wearing something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue on my wedding day even though we don have such a tradition in russia.I have already got lots of new i have also got old and a little bit of blue to wear to my wedding.Any ideas what i can wear?Will a hair pin do? Yesterday i met up with a designer to discuss wedding invitations.Maybe you could help me choose the best one out of a few draft versions? I thought i would tell you about a new russian wedding tradition i find laughable that is starting to catch on in izhevsk(I can say in russia as i don know for sure).It is a parody of.According to this socalled tradition the groom is supposed to throw the bride garter into the crowd of his unmarried friends!There is no way i will let such a thing happen to mine! It behind the window again.I thought the spring was coming a couple of days ago but it seems to have changed its mind. : (I think it is perfect time for Solyanka.The Salty soup Solyanka is made from smoked meat and pickled vegetables which inevitably make the soup taste quite sour/"Salty"Even without any add of Salt.The root"Sol"Of the name"Solyanka"Means"Salt"In the russian language so the word"Salty"Is probably the most appropriate word to describe the tang of the soup. Thank you for your positive feedback: )I don't tnink i mentioned that i had worked for"Gazprom".I worked for a different company which builds for"Gazprom".I worked as an accountant there.You won't believe me, but it can get much colder than 43'c on the yamal peninsula(Even 60'c).And yes, the hanty normally have many children because where would they find contraceptives there?Moreover, the more people the warmer!There are trees in tundra.But they are tiny, as i said: ) I will talk to you very soon(Hopefully about russian wedding traditions), Hi, anastasia!Nice hear to you again.What about computer games:It is a temporary illness of teenagers and sometimes of adults too.It will be finished when some time will have passed by, so don't worry about it.I remember when i only discovered computer games i played with one(Very foolish)Up two weeks.But i had enough more important things to do so my bad habit was ended very soon.It is true other my friends played longer but they were younger too.It would be very interesting to see you in your new wedding dress!Can you send photo?You have to finish being a blogger at the time of your wedding day so we won't see you wearing properly. My congratulations!Love is a wonderfull present from god, so you are very lucky you get it!=)My weekend i spent in ukraine i had competitions where, i am occupated with archery.By the way in russia where are many talanted archers!=)I took 5th place and my sister the 1st, and our team took 2nd place=)May be we will go soon to italy where will be european championship=)Have you ever seen archery competitions?=) Posted by ecaterina from moldovanice to hear that you are going to start a married life soon.Good luck and have a wonderful life ahead.In pakistan, wedding celebrations take almost three to four days to be completed.The function of wearing hina has great importance and is the starting of wedding cermoney.In this groom's family visit the bride's place and hold the whole function there by putting on hina on bride's hand delicately, girls sing wedding song with music and challenge for dancing and singing to the http://www.bridesmaidgownsau.com/prom-dresses.html other party.The next day brid's family goes to groom's house and with the same fashion participate in the function.The only difference is that grooms dont put hina on hands.The next day the whole procession of invited friends and family go to the bride's home as to bring her home finally where the wedding agreement is done in the presence of our elders.The following day groom's family invites the bride's family either for lunch or dinner.Then relative start giving invitation to the couple which almost ends up in a month or two.So getting married in pakistan is really a big deal.Talk on this again after your next post.Bye Posted by abida from islamabad, pakistan. Hello nastya I agree a hundred percent with you. I have two sons and is an eternal fight to apart them from the computer and the play station. Anyway, going down memory lane, i remember my Homecoming Dresses Australia dad saying something similar about me and tv, since he grew up in radio days. And now i only watch the news on the tube and seldom a movie. That's all for today.Wedding bells sounds in the distance and the bride should have lot of things to do. Best wishes Hello anastasia, it's me again, i have started since this morning to read all your blogs from february the 1 st.I havn't yet finish but i make a break to tell you that i'm so impresed of your writing, your way to relate things.


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